APRIL 21, 2019


As we dig into the Word and discover Easter through the perspective of Jesus' resolute mindset.

What to Expect...

Doors to the auditorium will open 20 minutes before the start of the service, so plan to arrive in plenty of time to park, head to the auditorium, and get settled in your seat. If you have children to check into our children’s ministry, we encourage you to plan additional time into your schedule. 

If this is your first visit, you can also choose to pre-register your child below (under step 2) to ensure quick and easy check-in when you arrive for service.

STEP 1: Parking and Welcome

Upon pulling into Niceville High School you will see friendly faces waving their foam fingers. Our amazing parking team is there to greet you and point you in the right direction. 

Our main parking is located outside of the Gym and Auditorium of Niceville Highschool.

If you have members of your group that are unable to walk far distances, we encourage you to drop them off right upfront at our 'Family Drop-off' location before going to park your car. 

STEP 2: Got Kids?

Manna Kids provides your child with a Bible-based, age-appropriate experience. Our SERVE Team has the privilege of investing in your child through prayer, worship, teaching, Small Groups, and creative arts. 

Our Kids ministry is located in the Gymnasium, directly to your left when you enter into the high school. 

Simply stop at our check-in kiosk to register your children and then one of our team members will guide you to the proper group dependant on your childs age. 

Each family will receive 2 stickers. One will go on the child as a name tag, and the other the parents will hold onto so they can show it to our volunteers upon picking up their children. 

The identification number on the sticker is there to either page you in service if we need you or safely match you to your child during pick up. Our team took an additional step of security and requested that a member of Niceville Police Department be stationed on the premesis every Sunday. 


STEP 3: Worship Experience

We strive to provide inspiring worship experiences. We call them “experiences” because our goal is to passionately pursue the Presence of God and make much of His glory.

Worship will begin promptly at the beginning of each service and will last for 3 songs. We encourage you to worship in a way that is comfortable to you!  

STEP 4: The Message

This Easter Pastor Chris will be exploring Jesus' intentional journey to the cross, His temporary stay in the tomb, and His eternal triumph over death.  

The impact of that original Easter has been impacting lives for over 2,000 years and we hope that this 30 min message will impact your life as well. 


8:30 AM

9:45 AM

11:00 AM

Contact Us

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our Church.

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